No….many corporate headshots are captured using one light source. an umbrella or a medium soft box. While this is satisfactory for some uses… i.e. security card or institutional applications…it leaves a lot to be desired in defining a persons’ features. wardrobe and hair.

The Three light system is a time honored classic Method to portray a subject.That’s the lighting….The next component is Body language, smile or not and coaching the subject to engage the camera and lens.


Shooting tethered creates a collaborative environment wherein the subject is not merely being passively photographed…but works with the photographer using

Subtle changes in body angle, head tilt and facial expressions.  That helps the photographer create images  that favorably represent the subject , , ,that capture the essence of the subject and are believable and professional.

The final image selection is edited to remove minor blemishes, brighten eyes, whiten teeth and remove flyaway hairs.   A High resolution JPEG is emailed along with a complimentary web optimized crop for LinkedIn